Stacey Leong Interiors  


The process of designing a space, be it a home or office or commercial space, may seem daunting and understandably so. It's very personal and intimate to share this journey with an interior designer, and we value your time and commitment to open your home, your space and your heart. Our job is to extend your vision and transform the physical bricks & mortar to a release of emotions. This constant pursuit of what makes a space sing and soar. In harmony and excitement. This is what we strive to do every day. 


Stacey Leong

Head Designer



Stacey graduated with distinction from the Inchbald School of Design London, United Kingdom with an online diploma in the Principles and Practice of Interior Design.

Her first foray into interior design began in 2012 when Stacey turned her derelict mid-60s house into a warm and breezy cottage with contemporary finishes. With the help of her architect and many excellent trade artisans, she undertook the spatial planning, interior design and project management of this 20 month reconstruction job. Stacey sourced everything herself, from weather-proof outdoor lamps shipped from Norway to silver quartzite countertops from Brazil.

Spaces tell a story and Stacey loves to weave a tale for her clients, with her innate eye for scale and proportions, deep respect for design ergonomics and functionality, and a great love for form, texture and fun!

“Details are never just details. They make THE difference.”
— Stacey