BEFORE & AFTER: Astrid Part 1

So it's been a while since my last post but I'm super excited today. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that IG has become my default form of social media and I like personally penning every post and blog so unfortunately, if there is an outlet to take a backseat, it is the good old blog'oroll.

My first before and after and I hope the start of many more. I much prefer sharing only "After" shots when the space is staged although on this occasion, it feels right to set the scene for the transformation.

My client had recently moved into this spacious garden view apartment in the leafy Bukit Timah area and were ready for a complete update of their living and dining room. The project was a dream - much thanks to my client's enthusiasm and appreciation for art, design and craftsmanship. They were entirely committed to and enjoyed the design process, which I talk more about at the end of the post. Above all, they were a fun-loving and joyful family who longed for a colourful, inviting and vibrant space to call their own and meet their daily needs. 


Here is the original living room. The sliding doors opened up to a charming outdoor patio although the living room, with all the light-coloured furniture, lacked focus and definition.


Here are some after shots of the living room with a distinct, cohesive, hi-lo tropical palette. The client invested in a pair of Danish classic mid-century modern chairs which cemented their love for Scandinavian craftsmanship. We added a vivacious hand-made bamboo & wool rug, flexible nesting tables and a vintage sideboard, whilst keeping the existing sofa and repurposing an old TV console with a bench cushion which now serves as a room divider, child safety barrier, a place to perch at the entrance.

20180706_Interior_Astrid Meadows_jpeg_revised (4 of 22).jpg
20180706_Interior_Astrid Meadows_jpeg_revised (10 of 22).jpg
20180706_Interior_Astrid Meadows_jpeg_revised (7 of 22).jpg
20180706_Interior_Astrid Meadows_jpeg_revised (5 of 22).jpg

Decor accessories like custom cushions and artwork were selected to complete this fresh and contemporary room. Ultimately, this space was created with a young family in mind, so none of the furniture felt so precious that a little wear and tear would be disastrous. The nesting tables are easily arranged to accommodate various scenarios. The wild patterns in the carpet also hide a multitude of spills and stains.

Our most intensive work happens early on at conception, where we dedicate time to immersing ourselves, observing and engaging our clients through multiple intensive interviews, then constantly sieving, filtering and refining. From the start, the client declared her wish for minimal waste so we used existing pieces, repurposed furniture, and sourced vintage pieces where possible. She also refused almost all man-made fabrics and textures for soft furnishings which one should know is a tall feat with the vast array of polyester fabrics available. As much as we value the visual aesthetic outcome of the space, the meaning and purpose of the space is beyond just form and functionality. At the heart of what we do, in every residential or commercial project, is design with a view to enhancing experiences and interaction, because that's most effective, lasting, and human.

We will be updating the blog for Part 2 with the dining room pics so stay tuned!